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It just takes 5 days for your own fresh craft beer

Choose your beer

Personalize your beer recipes based on your own taste preferences. Order an ingredient pack through the app, then you will brew beer in no time.

Work with fresh ingredients

We source all ingredients within days of harvests, clean and seal into our packs to maximize freshness. It will arrive on your doorstep in a few days. 

Brew automatically

Fill your brewing machine with the ingredients and hit the start button on your app. The software takes care of the rest so you don't have to.

Monitor your brew

Our app lets you check every brewing process and notifies you when needed. From the first mashing stage to the last fermentation step untill it's time to drink your beer.

Taste & Share

Every beer is cooled down to perfect drinking temperature and ready to be tapped straight from the portable keg. Get your glass ready for your own crafted beer.

one in one solution

The only system that makes beer

MiniBrew is a compact all-in-one craft beer brewing machine. Craft 5 liter of professional quality beer every 3,5 hours.

smart brewing

Guided brewing

Our App assists you in the fully automatic process from choosing, brewing until to tapping your beer. 

best ingredients

Fresh ingredients

Delivered to your doorstep, MiniBrew uses ready-to-brew ingredient packs created by our master brewer and renowned craft breweries from around the world. 

portable kegs

Portable kegs

MiniBrew uses a portable keg that keeps your beer cold, fresh and ready up to 6 months. Take it and tap it wherever you go and share your brew with your loved ones.


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