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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I receive when I order the MiniBrew system?
Each MiniBrew system comes with a base station, including a SmartKeg, tap handle, CO2 regulator, air lock, keg stand, trub container, water inlet tubes and cleaning system.
How do I control my MiniBrew system?
The MiniBrew system can be controlled by the MiniBrew app or the brewery portal.
The app and the system communicate through the internet, so a wifi connection is mandatory. If the MiniBrew system is connected to the internet it doesn’t matter if you're near the machine or at the office: you’ll always be able to monitor your brew.
Will the MiniBrew system also work without internet?
The MiniBrew system will continue to work offline, but a wifi connection is needed to progress into a next stage of the brewing process.
What ingredients can I use with my MiniBrew system?
MiniBrew is an all-grain brewing system with 6 individual containers for hops and flavourings. You can purchase ingredient packs from the MiniBrew app to easily create fresh beers. It will also be possible to brew your own recipes in the near future.
How long does it take before I can drink my beer?
The brewing stage takes around 4 hours followed by fermentation. Fermentation can take from a week up to several months depending on the recipe.
How much noise does the MiniBrew system make?
The sound produced by MiniBrew during the brewing process is comparable that of a dishwasher. During fermentation it is comparable to that of a computer fan.
Do you smell the brewing process?
We have minimised the smell, but the brewing process does produce some odour.
How do I clean my MiniBrew system?
Removable parts need to be put in the dishwasher. The base station cleans itself. All you need to do is insert a regular (dishwasher) cleaning tab and hit start on the app. Only use standard dishwasher tablets without rinse aid. At certain steps during the brewing process a sanitizer product needs to be used to avoid introducing bacteria in the air into your beer. Some sanitizer products can be very corrosive, so remember to dilute it based on the instructions on the label, and if it drips onto the outside of your MiniBrew, make sure you wipe it off with a soft cloth immediately.
Does the MiniBrew needs to be connected to the water supply line?
A 3/4 Gardena water in/outlet is needed for brewing and the automatic cleaning process.
What will I receive when I order an ingredient pack?
Every ingredient pack will include a certain type of grain, hops, yeast and a QR code to start up your brewing. The amounts and types of ingredients will vary according to your recipe. We ask you to add the water.
What types of beer can I brew with the MiniBrew ingredient packs?
The MiniBrew ingredient packs enable you to brew a wide range of beers, from the lightest pilsners to the darkest stouts. It is not yet possible to brew sours with the MiniBrew machine, but we're working on a solution for that.
Can I brew non-alcoholic beer or kettle sours with the MiniBrew?
The MiniBrew is capable of brewing both kettle sours and non-alcoholic beer, but we haven't enabled our customers to do it yet, due to the fact that both of these beer types require pasteurization. We are currently developing a pasteurization process that is both safe and user friendly. Once we have finished development we will happily announce the addition of this feature. In the meantime we hope you will enjoy all the other styles of beer that can be brewed on your MiniBrew!
How many liters of beer can I brew with one ingredient pack?
With one ingredient pack, the MiniBrew produces 5 to 5.5 liters of craft beer. The final amount depends on the beer style and will slightly vary.
Where can I get my ingredient packs?
Ingredient packs can be purchased from within the MiniBrew app or via our webshop and are delivered to your doorstep.
How much does an ingredient pack cost?
The price of an ingredient pack depends on the recipe and contents, starting at € 17.99 excluding shipping.
What will I receive when I order the SmartKeg?
Each SmartKeg comes with a tap handle, CO2 regulator, air lock, keg stand and trub container.
What is so smart about the SmartKeg?
The SmartKeg is equipped with integrated software, a heating/cooling unit and is wifi-connected. The SmartKeg regulates the temperature fitting your brew recipe, so it either heats up during the fermentation process or cools down the beer when it is ready to drink.
Does the SmartKeg work without an internet connection?
The SmartKeg needs a stable wifi connection to start the fermentation process. However, if the wifi connection is lost during fermentation, the keg will continue to follow the setup process without any problems.
How many liters does the Smart Keg hold?
The Smart Keg holds up to 7.5 liters, and you will end up with approximately 5 to 5.5 liters of craft beer depending on your recipe.
How does the carbonation with the SmartKeg work?
Carbonation in the SmartKeg works in two ways. One way is to naturally carbonate your beer by removing the air lock during secondary fermentation. The formed CO2 then carbonates the beer. For some Belgian beers, more sugar is added to boost the CO2 production.

Another way is to force carbonate the beer with CO2. The SmartKeg then reduces the temperature and you plug in the CO2 regulator to the keg. The CO2 then dissolves in the beer and carbonates it.
How do I seperate the yeast residue from my beer?
Just place your SmartKeg on the keg stand and attach the trub container underneath it. Yeast is periodically removed by detaching and cleaning the trub container.
How long will my beer stay drinkable?
That depends on the beer style. Your beer could stay fresh for up to 1 month.
How much water does the MiniBrew use for cooling?
The amount of water used for cooling varies depending on a number of factors: flow rate from the water source, temperature of water coming in from the water source, and density of the beer being brewed.

Under normal use we expect an average flow rate of about 2.5 liters per minute from a water source. At this flow rate we expect to use about 44 liters of water to cool 5.5 liters of beer, which is a ratio of 8:1. This is an average based on ground water temperatures below 17℃, and the system can use a lot more or a lot less water depending on the flow rate and the temperature of the cooling water provided.

We are currently developing a peripheral cooling system that re-circulates ice water. This system is capable of cooling to pitch temperatures at a ratio lower than 2:1.
What kind of periodic maintenance is required for my MiniBrew?
Before performing any maintenance, be sure to unplug your MiniBrew Base Station or Smart Keg from power.

To perform periodic maintenance of the Base Station: Every three months, we recommend you apply a small amount of food grade grease from the service kit onto the white connectors that can be found on the lower side of the front housing, and onto the seals of the CIP rig tubes. We also recommend using a soft wet brush to clean any particles off the gear at the top of the Base Station where the carousel is placed. Finally we recommend you unscrew the yellow caps on the top connectors and remove the seal and valve underneath. These parts can all be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.

To perform periodic maintenance of the Smart Keg: use a duster can or vacuum to remove any dust buildup on the back of the fan. We suggest you do this between each brew or whenever it looks dirty to you.
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