Frequently Asked Questions about MiniBrew

Everything you must know around brewing beer!

  • What is MiniBrew?

    MiniBrew is a beer brewing platform that unites people with an interest in craft beer brewing. The App, MiniBrew System, Smartkeg and Ingredient packs stimulate brewing creativity, enable people to brew in an easy way in their home and let people explore local beers from craft breweries around the world. By using sensors, innovative engineering and WiFi connectivity, MiniBrew is able to manage every process and function of the beer brewing process which ensures professional quality craft beer.

  • When will the MiniBrew be available in my country?

    Since June 30th 2018, the MiniBrew is only available for countries in the European Union including Norway and Switzerland. The complete list includes; Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

    For customers from non-listed countries, it is not possible to pre-order the MiniBrew appliances anymore. However, if you want to get early access to a MiniBrew in your country, please fill out the webform and be one of the first to receive a MiniBrew when we start to ship to your country!

  • When will my MiniBrew be shipped?

    The MiniBrew will launch end of Q3 2018 in Europe first and then spreading to all other continents. If you are an early backer, your MiniBrew appliances will be shipped as soon as possible after launch in Q3 2018. If you have ordered later on in the pre-order phase, we will start shipping your MiniBrew appliances from Q1 2019 on, depending on our production batches.

    Beta batch: Happening right now
    Pre-launch batch: Late October 2018
    Soft Launch batch: January 2019
    Mass Launch batch: March 2019

  • How is the MiniBrew different from other homebrew appliances?

    MiniBrew is different in its design, philosophy and experience. We developed the first truly all-in-one-brewing system by integrating the brewing process and fermentation in just one machine. It is the only machine that reduces complexity and time of brewing without compromising on user experience and quality of the beer. MiniBrew has multiple advantages like the temperature controlled fermentation that ensures the perfect conditions during the whole process. There is also no need to manually transfer your beer into serving kegs since MiniBrew uses the same keg to brew, ferment and serve. Further, MiniBrew is equipped with an automatic integrated cleaning system which perfectly sanitizes automatically before and after each brew. 

  • What if I don't know much about beer brewing?

    That's okay! The MiniBrew system is designed for both beginners and experts. Beginners just get a little extra attention and will be guided through the brewing process by the app.

  • How do I brew with the MiniBrew?

    Download the app, choose your beer style, pick your recipe and add it to your shopping cart. Afterwards, the ordered ingredient pack will be delivered to your doorstep. Scan the QR code on the ingredient pack with the app, follow the instructions on the screen of your mobile device and hit the start button. The MiniBrew System starts brewing for 4 hours and after fermentation of at least a week you can tap your own brewed craft beer straight from the SmartKeg. Perfectly cooled down to enjoy your beer to the fullest. Cheers!

  • What can I make with MiniBrew?

    You can brew any beer you like, however you like it and whenever you want it! From the lightest Pilsners, the darkest stouts, smooth blond beers to hoppy IPA's - you have ultimate control over your craft beer.

  • Where can I order my MiniBrew appliances?

    You can order your MiniBrew in our online store.

  • What are the payment options you offer?

    It is possible to pay your order by PayPal, Creditcard and Banktransfer (IDEAL). If you cannot make use of the offered options please send an email.

  • Is it possible to receive a MiniBrew system for testing or reviewing?

    No, currently we are working on the certification of the MiniBrew system and therefore we see no opportunities to lend out machines for reviewing/testing. Nevertheless, we are always happy to welcome people at our office in Utrecht (the Netherlands) to showcase the MiniBrew system. Contact us via to explore the opportunities. 

  • Is it possible to become a distributor of MiniBrew in my country?

    Yes, we are always exploring possibilities in reselling and therefore it is important for us that you fill out the distributor survey to help you as well as possible. We will keep you posted regularly and get back to you as soon as we want to move forward with resellers. 

  • What are the shipping costs?

    The shipping costs depend on the weight and specific location in the world. Shipping costs are starting from 65 €.

  • What are the shipping box dimensions?

    The MiniBrew System and SmartKeg will be shipped in seperate boxes. The dimensions for the system are approx. 65 x 42 x 65 cm with a weight of approx. 14 kg. The dimensions for the SmartKeg are approx. 40 x 45 x 45 cm with a weight of approx. 8 kg.

  • Does the MiniBrew have a warranty?

    Yes, offcourse! We provide you with a standard 2 year warranty on the MiniBrew System and SmartKeg.
  • Can I cancel my MiniBrew pre-order?

    Yes its possible, contact us and we will refund it immediately.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Yes, it is possible up to 30 days after your purchase. Please, contact us so we can give you the refund.

    However, we cannot give you refund after 30 days. 

  • Why should I download the app?

    The app allows you to discover beer styles from all over the world by using a beer compass. Just choose the color, amount of alcohol and flavor suiting your own taste preferences and the app will provide you with a matching recipe. Order it within the app and it will be delivered to your doorstep. To start the brewing process, easily scan the QR code on the ingredient pack with the app and hit the start button. The app will guide you through the complete brewing process and notifies you when needed, untill the moment you can tap your craft beer. 

  • Where can I get the app?

    The preview of the app, Beer Compass, is currently only available on IOS and can be downloaded in the AppStore, so if you have an iPhone/iPod running iOS 10 or higher your device will be compatible. We are planning on launching the Android app in 2019.

  • Can I use the machine without the app?

    No, the app is fundamental to use the machine.

  • Can I use the app without the machine?

    Yes, you can still discover brew recipes, even when you don’t have a machine. Although we encourage you to have a machine to use the full potential of our app.

  • How much does the app cost?

    It's your lucky day! The app will cost you nothing and is available for free in the AppStore.

  • What will I receive when I order the MiniBrew System?

    Each MiniBrew System comes with a base station, including a SmartKeg, taphandle, CO2 connector, waterlock, kegstand, trubcontainer, waterhoses and cleaning system.

  • How do I control my MiniBrew System?

    The MiniBrew system can be controlled by the app. The app and the system communicate through the internet, so a Wi-Fi connection is mandatory. As the MiniBrew system is connected to the internet it doesn’t matter if you're right next to the machine or at the office, you’ll always be able to monitor your brew.

  • Will the MiniBrew System also work without internet?

    The MiniBrew needs a stable Wifi connection to get configurated for brewing. Nevertheless, if the internet connection gets lost during a brewsession, the machine will continue to follow the set up brewing process without any problems.

  • What ingredients can I use with my MiniBrew system?

    MiniBrew is an all-grain brewing system with 6 individual hop and flavoring containers. For the launch, you are able to use only the ready-to-brew Ingredient Packs from MiniBrew. In the future, you can add your own creations.

  • How long does it take before I can drink my beer?

    The brewing stage takes around 4 hours followed by fermentation. Fermentation can take from a week up to several months depending on the recipe. 

  • How much noise does the MiniBrew System make?

    The sound produced by MiniBrew during the brewing process is comparable to a dishwasher. During fermentation it is comparable to a computer fan that goes on once in a while. 

  • Do you smell the brewing process?

    We’ve minimized the smell to ensure your kitchen won't smell like the time you did an in-house BBQ.

  • How do I clean my MiniBrew System?

    Removable parts are dishwasher proof and the internal circuitry is cleaned with an automatic cleaning system. All you need to do is insert a regular (dishwasher) cleaning tab and hit start on the app.

  • Does the MiniBrew needs to be connected to the water supply line?

    A water in / outlet is needed for brewing and the automatic cleaning process.

  • What will I receive when I order an Ingredient pack?

    Every Ingredient pack will include a certain type of grain, hops, yeast and a QR code to start up your brewing. The amounts and types of ingredients will vary according to your recipe. We ask you to add the water. 

  • Is it only possible to brew with branded MiniBrew Ingredient packs?

    At launch, you can only use pre-packed ingredient boxes from MiniBrew. This gives users the time to get to know the Minibrew system and as a result successful brewing from the beginning will be assured. After the launch, we'll open the system so you can use your own local ingredients. Currently our early backers are testing this feature and therefore we cannot give clarity on how this will be executed. 

  • What types of beer can be brewed with the MiniBrew Ingredient packs?

    The MiniBrew Ingredient Packs enable you to brew a whole lot of beers ranging from the lightest Pilsners to the darkest stouts.

  • How many liters of beer can I brew with one ingredient pack?

    The MiniBrew produces 5 till 5.5 liters of craft beer with one ingredient pack. The total final amount always depends on the beer style and wil thereforel slighty vary.

  • Where can I get my Ingredient packs?

    Ingredient Packs will be available right from within the app and delivered to your doorstep. It's that easy!

  • How much will an Ingredient Pack cost?

    The price of an Ingredient pack will depend on the recipe and contents, but expect it to be in Europe starting from around €20 ex-shipping.

  • What will I receive when I order the SmartKeg?

    Each SmartKeg comes with a taphandle, CO2 connector, waterlock, kegstand and trubcontainer.  

  • Why is the keg called a SmartKeg?

    That's because the SmartKeg is equiped with integrated software, a heating/cooling unit and is WiFi connected. The SmartKeg can be plugged into the power line to be supplied with electricity. It regulates the temperture fitting your brewing recipe, so it either heats up during the fermentation process or cools down the beer when it is ready to drink. So you don't have to cool down your keg in a refrigerator. 

  • Will the SmartKeg work without internet?

    The SmartKeg needs a stable Wifi connection to get configurated for fermentation. Nevertheless, if the internet connection gets lost during the fermentation process, the keg will continue to follow the set up process without any problems.

  • How much does the SmarKeg hold?

    The SmartKeg fits up to ~6.8 liter - but you will get around 5 till 5.5 liters of craft beer depending on your recipe. 

  • How does the carbonation with the SmartKeg work?

    Carbonation on the SmartKeg works in 2 ways. One way is to naturally carbonate your beer by removing the waterlock during secondary fermentation. The formed CO2 then carbonates the beer, for some Belgian beers, more sugar is added to boost the CO2 production.

    Another way is to force carbonate the beer with CO2. This means the SmartKeg reduces the temperature and you plug in the CO2 connector to the keg. The CO2 then dissolves in the beer and carbonates it.

  • How do I seperate the yeast residue from my beer?

    Just place your SmartKeg on the kegstand and attach the trubcontainer underneath it. After fermentation you can release the yeast from the bottom by opening the ball valve. 

  • How long will my beer stay fresh?

    Since the keg protects the beer from any risk of contamination/oxidation the beer will stay fresh up to 3 months.

  • Why should I invest in MiniBrew?

    MiniBrew is a lucrative company that fights for diversity of beers and easier global distribution with an all-in-one brewing and dispense solution.

  • What will the funds being used for?

    The funds raised via the MiniBrew crowdfunding campaign will help us unlock important distribution & sales channels. The funds will also be invested in product development to lower the price of the machine, which will allow more beer lovers to become brewers and more breweries to distribute their beer globally. As we expand, we expect an increased spend on marketing and acquisition, and we plan to make the most of the current opportunities available to us in the craft beer and home brewing industry. As such, your investment will go towards investing in the brewers of tomorrow.

  • Who can invest?

    Anyone aged 18 or over, or companies or trust funds residing in the world, except resident of the US, Canada and Japan. If you’re resident from those countries please follow the steps to submit a non-standard investment form online -->

  • I don’t have a credit or debit card to invest. What now?

    That’s not a problem. You can invest from as little as £10 if you have a credit card. For wire transfers the minimum investment is £1000. Please submit a non-standard investment form online --> and a Crowdcube employee will approve your pledge. Please note that Crowdcube will inform you when you transfer the funds from your account into the company bank account when the campaign has closed.

  • Can I sell or give my share to anyone else?

    Yes. We have a flexible exit strategy in place. We have identified multiple outcomes. Minibrew could be bought up by a bigger company, an IPO could happen or we could continue to grow naturally. As an investor, you are entitled to sell your shares to said a company or alternatively to existing shareholders (a secondary market offering ). As a company, we're fully focused on growth and achieving one of these milestones.

  • When do I get my shares?

    After the full investment amount is paid to the company, Crowdcube will issues shares electronically to your Crowdcube account. This will be approximately 2-3 weeks from the date the payment is made.

  • What tax will I have to pay on this investment?

    Investors are advised to take their own tax advice on the tax consequences of acquiring, holding and disposing shares. Soon we've more information to share if we are EIS pending.

  • Why do you raise equity via Crowdcube?

    Crowdcube is recognised as the UK’s most active investors base. Previous successful beer companies who have used the platform include Brewdog and Wild beer.

  • What are the benefits?

    Good that you are asking. As Minibrew shareholder you receive discounts (starting from 5% up 33% on hardware and beer recipes. You also receive the option to claim a special founder edition. You also get the opportunity to get 1 free recipe of each beer that’s launched on the platform. That could mean unlimited beer.

  • Ok. I have invested. Now what?

    That’s amazing. Welcome aboard the Minibrew community. All Crowdcube investors will receive details on how to claim shares and how to claim your discounts on after the campaign is complete and the cooling off period ends.

  • What are the risks of investing?

    Investors capital is a risk. There is no guarantee that the business assumption will be made. Changes in circumstances may mean that the company fails to perform in line with its financials projections. Please make sure you read the disclaimer of the pitch deck carefully for further detail on the risks of investing.

  • What happens if I change my mind?

    We’ll be sad to see you go, but we understand people’s circumstances sometimes change. If you would like to cancel your investment please let Crowdcube know by emailing When the Minibrew campaign is active you can cancel anytime, but as soon the cooling off period starts, which is generally seven days, you have a final 7 days time to cancel your investment. After the cooling period payment will be processed.

  • I’m a backer of Indiegogo. Can I invest in the equity crowdfunding campaign?

    Of course you can. As crowdfunding for equity is different than crowdfunding for a product you can submit an investment to get discounts. Make sure your information is identical and we link up your accounts on after the CrowdCube campaign closes.

  • Do I have rights on dividend?

    Yes. However, the board will discuss each year how to apply to funds in the bank. For the first years, assumption is that the money will be re-invested to grow the company further rather than paying out dividends.

  • What is Equity Crowdfunding?

    Equity crowdfunding is the process whereby people (i.e. the ‘crowd’) invest in an early-stage unlisted company in exchange for shares in that company. A shareholder has partial ownership of a company and is entitled to a share of its profits.

  • What's the difference between a private and public launch?

    We are giving friends & colleagues from our community the chance to invest early before the campaign goes live. We could already fill up the full campaign before going public.

  • What is the minimum investment?

    You can invest from as little as £10 if you have a credit card. For wired transfers the minimum investment is £1000.

  • How much do you want to raise?

    Based on our £18 Million pre-money valuation we want to raise a minimal of £750K to a maximum of £2.25M.

  • Do you have an investment deck / financials available?

    We can share a deck for investments above £1000. Please send an email to Edwin, our CEO at to discuss the details of our deck

  • I have more questions - how can I get them answered?

    Simply ask us a question on the Discussions tab and we'll answer it as soon as we can. Alternatively, email and one of our team will get back to you.

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