Frequently Asked Questions about MiniBrew

Everything you must know around brewing beer!

  • When will the MiniBrew be available?

    MiniBrew is currently in production stage and we expect the first machines to be available in Q3 2018. The capacity for the first producing batch is limited and almost sold out.

    First, we're going to launch the MiniBrew in Europe in September. After the launch, we'll spread out our wings to other continents like America, Asia and so on.

  • How long does it take before I can drink my beer?

    The brewing stage takes between 3.5-4 hours followed by fermentation. Fermentation can take from a week up to several months depending on the recipe. 

  • Does each keg come with its own tap?

    A tap is included with every machine.

  • What's in the box?

    Each system comes with a base station,  including a keg and a tap handle.

  • How much noise does the MiniBrew make?

    The sound produced by MiniBrew during the brewing process is comparable to a washing machine. During fermentation it is comparable to a computer fan that goes on once in a while. 

  • Do you smell the brewing process?

    We’ve minimized the smell to ensure your kitchen won't smell like the time you did an in-house BBQ.

  • How do I clean my MiniBrew?

    Removable parts are dishwasher proof and the internal circuitry is cleaned with a semi-automatic cleaning system. All you need to do is a cleaning tab and hit start on the app.

  • What's the difference between MiniBrew and other brewing machines?

    We are aware there are competitors who are all attempting to address both complexity and time. The other devices out there claim to reduce both, but all fail to do so without significantly compromising the user experience or quality of the beer.

    MiniBrew is the first truly all-in-one system. One thing most competitors don't show is the huge amount of equipment needed to brew with their device. In addition, MiniBrews truly advantage is the temperature controlled fermentation that ensures the perfect conditions at any time of the process. And the fact you need to manually transfer your beer into additionally serving kegs.

    MiniBrew is truly revolutionary and so easy in use, which has not been addressed in the (home) brewing market.

  • Tapping / How long will the beer stay fresh?

    Since the keg protects the beer from any risk of contamination/oxidation the beer will stay fresh up to 3 months.

  • Will the MiniBrew work without Internet?

    The MiniBrew needs a stable Wifi connection to get configurated for brewing. Nevertheless, if the internet connection gets lost during a brewsession, the machine will continune to follow the set up brewing process without any problems.

  • How can I get ingredient packs?

    Ingredient Packs will be available right from within the app and delivered to your doorstep. It's that easy. 

  • How much will an Ingredient Pack cost?

    The price of an Ingredient Pack will depend on the recipe and contents, but expect it to be in Europe starting from around €20 ex-shipping.

  • What ingredients can I use with my MiniBrew?

    MiniBrew is an all-grain brewing system with 6 individual hop and flavoring containers. For the launch, you are able to use only the ready-to-brew Ingredient Packs from MiniBrew. In the future, you can add your own creations.

  • How many liters of beer can I brew with one ingredient pack?

    The MiniBrew produces around 5 liters with one ingredient pack. The total final amount always depends on the beer style but will slighty vary.

  • Is the mobile app free?

    The mobile app for brewing with our brew packages and an account at MiniBrew are free. You don’t even have to purchase a MiniBrew to use the app. Of course, you’ll need one if you want to brew all those delicious beers with the app.

  • Will I be able to brew my own recipes?

    Besides brewing from Ingredients packs you will be able to create your own beer recipes and brew with your own ingredients. However, this feature will not be available directly from the launch to ensure the perfect beer quality possible.

  • How do I control my MiniBrew?

    The MiniBrew needs a Wi-Fi connection to the internet to receive instructions and report its status. The app and the MiniBrew communicate through the internet, so it doesn’t matter if you're right next to the machine or at the office, you’ll always be able to monitor your brew.

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