Results National Beer Survey The Netherlands 2016

By Patrick Layer
July 21st, 2016
Beer Survey Netherlands

The popularity of (craft) beer in The Netherlands is growing, as well as the supply. That can be derived from the many publications about beer, the wider range of supermarkets in the area of special beers and the extensive beer cards in the hospitality industry. Also on Social Media is seeing an increase in people interested in beer. 

The National Beer Survey Netherlands 2016, commissioned by the Dutch Brewers Association did an survey amongst 1,000 Dutch beer drinkers. It shows that beer drinkers are becoming more versatile in their beer selection. Over 40% chooses other beers than two years ago. 

Another thing that can be seen is that beer drinkers find it important that bars and restaurants have several styles of beer on their menu. This year the 3 Michelin Star Restaurant De Librije added several craft beers on their menu. Which is a unique and only proves that craft beer is more popular than ever before. 

This year is the 12th time the National Beer Survey is held. The survey examines the perception and appreciation of beer by the Dutch beer drinker. Besides that thera are other interesting facts to see. We can see that consumers are increasingly choosing a beer instead of other alcohol drinks. Dutch beer is favorite in The Netherlands followed by Belgian and German beer. 

Here a some other interesting facts:


48% of the respondents drink beer every month. More men than women drink beer every month (67% vs. 29%). Highly educated Dutch drink more beer monthly than lower educated Dutch (58% versus 40%). 80% of the respondents drink lager at least once a month. They also drink craft beer (30%) and beer mixes (28%) Weizen Beer (24%) and non-alcoholic beer (24%) are drunk every month. 


Four out of five Dutch beer drinkers (78%) have see that the supply in the variety of beer has rose over the past two years. This is more than in 2015, where 67% of beer drinkers felt more variety in the offer. Seeing that the variety of beer has rose almost a third of the respondents choose beer instead of another alcholic beverage. 

Unknown beer:

Almost a quarter of the respondents buys beer that is they have never tried before. Seven out of ten beer drinkers have a neutral (40%) to strong (28%) preference to buy locally brewed beer.

Craft beer:

The majority of beer drinkers (78%) or even drink craft beer, this is similar to 2015. The number of beer drinkers to monthly special beer drinking has risen (2016: 30% vs. 2015: 26%).The most popular craft beer is Weizen (36%). At a small distance bock beer (29%), triple (29%), abbey / trappist (28%) and double (28%) and popular types of special beer. The least drank beer are IPA (6%) and saison drink 3%

The reasons why beer drinkers choose their craft beers is for the taste. But also the alternation (36%), because it fits occasion (31%) or in the season (28%) be cited as reasons. 25% buy their special beer in a supermarket or a craft beer store. Beer drinkers who would like to know more information about beer most want to know more about the alcohol % (60%), flavor description (48%), the type of beer (43%) and the country of origin (41%). The fermentation process (10%), information on the brand (9%) and the color (9%) is for them less interesting.

The supply:

Three-fifths of the beer drinkers (59%) believe that the wide range of craft beer in the supermarket is (very) appealing. Only 9% are not positive about this. Half of the beer drinkers (52%) does not find it difficult to choose a type of beer because the supply is greater. finds 19% this choice more difficult. Half of the beer drinkers (48%) think it is important that there is a choice between several types of beer in bars and restaurants. 

Non-Alcohol beer:

Almost half of the beer drinkers (48%)  drink low-alcohol beer sometimes, The main reason for drinking alcoholic beer because they have to drive (57%). More than a third (36%) drink non alcoholic beer because people they don’t like to drink alcohol or because they like it (35%).


Three-fifths of the beer drinkers (59%) know that the basic ingredients of beer consists of water, malt, hops and yeast. 35% choose the wrong composition. Of these, most think beer drinkers that the base consists of water, wheat, hops and yeast.

Image and association:

Most people associate beer with a nice moment or because they like it. They don’t think that beer is innovative. Craft beer suits better for special occasions than other beers. People associate craft beer less often with an everyday moment. Craft beer is often seen as tough,trendy and for men and more characterized as fashionable than pilsener and non-alcoholic beer.  Craft beer is seen different by men and women. Women find that craft beer is more common for women than for men. While men think this is a typical drink for a men. 

This probably has to do with the kind of special beer which is thought of. Women may think more of light special beers while men more often associate the drink with heavier beers.


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