Engineering Build & Recipe Development Verification

By Patrick Layer
May 30th, 2018
EB1 simultaneous brewing

Hi MiniBrew Fans,

Summer is here and our laboratory is running hot with a lot of new MiniBrews (Engineering Build) from our factory and even more fermenting kegs :)


In this update, we share some information on

- The performance of the new EB Build

- Recipe development and verification

- The Brewers of Europe Forum in Brussels | 7-8.06.2018

- and we still looking for thirsty beer lovers to join our team

Functional and usability testing of the Engineering Build

After a long time of testing with our beloved Off-tool-build MiniBrews it became time for a new and improved system. We are talking about the new prototype called ‘’ the Engineering Build ‘’ which brings us one step closer to finalizing the MiniBrew and prepare it for the pilot production!

As usual, we ran the new prototype through our entire Functional Acceptance Test (FAT) programme to make sure that the brewer gets an as stable and user-friendly machine as possible.

In our FAT programme, we’ve got tests included from pump life tests to MiniBrew handling tests, which means that we don’t just pay attention to the stability and capability of brewing with the system but also the ease of use.

EB1 simultaneous brewing

Simultaneous brewing with 4 machines.

The setup as shown in the picture above can give a better image of how we are performing these Functional tests since we start all the machines on the same time and observe if any differences between the machines are present from beginning to end.

Now we won’t build up the tension any longer since we are happy to say that the newest prototypes have given us very stable results!

Parameters such as the OG (original gravity), volume and hop extraction are all giving equal results, which has been proven by performing a triplo (3 times the same test) with every machine.

This incredible stability means that the brewer can expect his/her brew to be of the same quality over and over again, to ensure that your beer is always the same.

EB fermenting 2.0

Beer fermenting 2.0 ;)

Recipe development and verification

Like we shared in the previous update, MiniBrew has been busy with testing brew packs assembled by a third party as well as the original development of ingredient packs for the platform.

First of all the ingredient packs provided by a third party partner were tested and compared with our own assembled packs to check if the quality and amount of ingredients were of the same consistency.

We were happy to see that the amount and quality of the ingredients of both ingredient packs didn’t differ from each other.

Also important is our own recipe development of ingredient packs that will be released on the platform.

As has been mentioned before in previous updates the product development and optimization of these recipes require a lot of time and patience because certain beers require quite some time to ferment.

And once the beers are ready to be tasted we make use of our own sensoric panel, where we compare our beers with a similar commercial beer to determine if there are significant differences and possible negative flavors in our beers.

After we’ve been through several optimization sessions of the beers we are now in the stage of verifying some of our platform recipes.

These beers are being fermented right now and once they’re ready for tasting and have been verified we will update this to you guys!

EB SmartKeg Fermentation stage

MiniBrew Smart Kegs in fermentation stage.

The Brewers of Europe Forum in Brussels | 7-8.06.2018

What is the conference about? Uniting 29 national associations, The Brewers of Europe provides a voice in Brussels to promote beer and represent the interests of Europe’s 8500 breweries

Edwin will be live on Stage on June 8th - 2:40 pm to talk about: “Consumer orientedinnovations that might drastically impact your business”.

If you happen to be around / want to get to know us - drop us an email to we will be in touch!

Thirsty Beer Lovers Wanted

Besides - we are still looking for new flavour to join our team:

- Communication / Content Creation Intern
- Growth/ Digital Marketing Intern
- Beer Brewing Intern

This was it for this week!



P.S. Some bites for next time - the brewery portal is currently in the beta test in our lab and we will give you an awesome sneak preview next time ;)

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