EB1 & Brewery Portal

By Patrick Layer
May 1st, 2018
EB1 first hand sample

Hi MiniBrew Fans,

Happy 1st of May! The Team is finally back all together in the Netherlands.


What can you expect this update:

- MiniBrew EB1 fresh from the production line

- Meet the Brewery Portal

- Other random hoppy bits

MiniBrew EB1 fresh from the production line

In January, we passed swiftly through the first shots from our tooling the OTB. Now, we are the next phase called Engineering Build.

Our brewing and electronic team was on the ground last two weeks in Shenzhen overseeing the next round of our production run - The EB1. Overlooking modifications to our plastic and metal manufacturing process, to the Air firmware loading, QR code printing, box preparation and life test protocols.


We’re happy to show you first-hand sample from our production line.

EB1 first hand sample

One of the first EB samples

As mentioned before, we’re working our way through several test runs before Minibrew enters Mass Production (MP).

Assembly line EB1

A view of our assembly line

Life cycle tests EB1 SmartKeg

Ko (top left) evaluating the life cycle test protocols

EB1 firmware update

Adrien ( Head Software) running firmware updates on the production line

Before we get into mass production - manufacturing all machines, we’ve two further test builds two complete.

A test build is when the whole assembly line is in place and we manufacture a set of Minibrew’s.

These runs give us a chance to test the manufacturing process, catching new occurring problems that we were not aware before to find and test new solutions.

At the moment, we’re optimizing for yield (percentage of products off the assembly line that work)

Manual inspection EB1

Manual inspection before shipment

Meet the Brewery Portal:

In addition, the software is progressing well.  The team working incredibly hard as we’re reaching a point where the team brews beer via a professional interface (The Brewery Portal). The consumer version is getting along as well, which we show you soon. The foundation is a strong brewing DNA that has been laid down.

Brewery portal 1

Real time monitoring the beer brewing process

Brewery portal 2

Other random hoppy bits

- This week we’ve officially started the certification process. Within 9 weeks, we hope to say that our machines are official certified.

- We’re opening out beta-program soon as we’re looking for extremely valuable feedback that will help us to remove issues before the general release. We’re focusing only on the Netherlands for now.


Keep you posted!

As usual, we appreciate your patience and our team is working hard in the factory to get awesome brewing machines from the production line.




P.S. If you want to become part of the #beervolution - here are some vacancies for you ;)   

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