Crowdcube: How to invest in MiniBrew if you don’t have a credit or debit card?

September 11th, 2018
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Hi Beerlover, 

We are happy to hear you want to be part of the #Beervolution by investing in MiniBrew. The only drawback is that you're not owning a credit or debit card. 

No problem you can still invest if you don’t have a credit or debit card. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1 Creating an account

Go to the Crowdcube website ( and create an account.

Step 1 No Credit card

On the Crowdcube homepage click on “Join” in the right upper corner.

Step 2 No Creditcard

It is possible to create an account by joining with a Facebook, Google, LinkedIn account or fill out your contact details manually.

Step 3 No Creditcard

Than click on Next and select which investor type fits you best.

Step 4 No Creditcard

After selecting the investor type you will be enabled to search for investment opportunities or to start a pitch. Select investment opportunities.

Important: Note down the email/username of your account. You will need this to make the pledge in step 3.

Step 2 Submit a Non-standard investment form online

Go to your internet browser and insert the url: or click on the link.

Step 5 No Creditcard

Tick NO to subscription agreement and tick NO to debit card.

Step 6 No Creditcard

You will be directed to a page where Crowdcube asks you to fill out some additional information on amount of investment and contact details.

Step 7 Creditcard

Click submit and Crowdcube will approve your account for ‘pledging’. You will receive an email with a confirmation.

Step 3 Make the pledge

You can now go back to the campaign page on Crowdcube to make the pledge. Please note that the investment should not be transferred until the campaign is closed.

Important information

Crowdcube will confirm when funds can be transferred to MiniBrews’ bank account when the campaign has closed. MiniBrew will be required to send proof of this payment to the completions team.

Also please note, you must ensure that the full investment amount is paid to MiniBrew, any bank fees or charges must be covered in the transfer.

Last, Crowdcube will issue shares electronically to your Crowdcube account. This will be approximately 2-3 weeks from the date the payment is made.

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