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The Easiest & Smartest Brewing Machine

Conventional way of beer brewing takes a full 8 hour day, needs your constant attention, takes up a lot of space, is messy and the outcome is always a surprise. We were convinced that in our day and age of technology there had to be a better way of brewing beer.
— Olivier van Oord, co-founder of MINIBREW

MiniBrew is a fully automatic craft beer brewing appliance that allows anyone to brew professional quality craft beer. 


MiniBrew combines sensor technology with smart software to automate the brewing, chilling, filtering and fermentation process with great accuracy, every brew again.

MiniBrew uses convenient, ready-to-brew Ingredient Packs produced by renowned craft breweries from around the world.


MiniBrew uses a portable keg that is chilled and ready to tap allowing you to share your brew with your loved ones everywhere.



MiniBrew will cost €1950 ex shipping. We       expect to start our production in Q3 2016.


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